BLOG: How Oil Diffusing Helps You Sleep?

Having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep is a prevalent issue; Most of the population is not getting the recommended amount of sleep daily.  There are multiple reasons for this, including a high-stress society, electronics, and an increase in sleep related problems.

If you’re experiencing some sleep problems and looking for a natural sleep aid, a range of essential oils from plants can have positive effects on your sleep. Some of them have a soothing effect helping us relax and distress after a hectic time.



Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils for insomnia and improving sleep quality. Its calming scent helps us relax and promotes sleep. There are a number of studies that prove its positive effects on our slumber.
Besides being one of the most commonly used essential oils for relaxation and sleep, this beautiful plant offers more health benefits. Other lavender oil uses include relieving pain and reducing anxiety.

Ylang Ylang

A tropical tree called Cananga produces these beautiful flowers that bring us several health benefits. Research has shown that ylang-ylang essential oil can alleviate stress and reduce high blood pressure. It’s also often added to essential oil blends for sleep.


One of the many health benefits of peppermint is that it can clear the clogged sinuses. That’s why you can use peppermint oil for snoring problems and even relieving the symptoms of sleep apnea. It’s best to try steam inhalation before going to bed or you can rub a drop on the bottom of your nose.

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